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This is where I thank people who send me money. Donate to me and add your name to this list! I'll post pictures of your pets! I'll link to your business!! I'll let you pet me!!

Richard Finley and Dave Miller, and their glamorous cats, the Gabor Sisters:


Zsa Zsa

Carolyn, Alex, Luke and Rafe Kimball, plus Diva, Ivan and Abby:


Jane Kelly and Andrew Neilly, plus cats Tucker, Jessie and Liddy

Pat Kent (in memory of Sylvester, ?-2002)

Joey, and her friend's excellent cat, Abbey:

Abbey (and I thought *my* eyes were glowing....)

Julie Whitman and her cat Harlow

Jeremy Tijerina

Yvette Millman

Bo, in memory of Chauncey:


Valerie and Los Gatos of Doom:


Mewberta (as Mixmaster Tubby)

Jonathan Abbey

Nancy Tucker

Victor Laury and cats Fang, Max and Olivia

Marianne Lester

Lynn and her cats, Erdos and Cauchy

Nina Davis, in memory of her cat:

Snoepie, 1982-1999

Mary McCloud and her cats, Zeek and Roz

Stickman Records (all the way from Hamburg!)

Jordan McClure and cats:

Quico and Popoki (this is kind of R-rated...)

Daisy Huffman and her humans


Jennifer Lauricella and her cats Jack and Marley

Janet Homberg, in memory of her two wonderful Westies, Jillian and Grayce

Tarre Beach and her masseuse:


Michael Ford

Jane and Marty, and their cats:

Alexander and Mr. Hyde

Tracy Turner, "in honor of all the kitties who have shared my life"

Monica Ennis and Bram Druckman

Beatrice and Winifred and their cat-loving humans, Beth and Dave Paye

Diane Cusimano

Debra in Canada, and the Cats Anonymous shelter in Ontario

Beatrice and Winifred and their cat-loving humans, Beth and Dave Paye

Jessica Linsky and Trixie the Tuxedo Cat

Julie and Peter Thompson and their cat, Gatsby (who likes yoghurt and cheese):


Alexis Heydt, of PAWS Connecticut -- check it out!

Jeff Adams

Jane Tate -- visit her site and help save her too!

Karyn of!

Karyn and Elvis

Meg Cadwell and her cats, Meeko and Sam

Lenora Dody and her cats:

Aloysius and Snuggles

Russell Dover

Lisamarie Wilson and her cats: Boris, Cookie, Smudge and Vince

Renee Storey, and Oreo and Micky-Beth

Dawn Morse

Karen Freeman-Smith

Sian Brown

Martin Smith

Jeffrey Young

David Carmona

Doris Atkind

Rondi Adamson of Annex Cat Rescue and her cats, Orloff and Pushkin

Nicole Norris

Dominic Iadonisi, and his cat, Shasty Booty, the Canine Trash Fiend

Melissa York

Sue Knapp and her cats, Lydia, Snoball, Bruce, Samson, Sheila and Bailey

Kelly Martin

Ilona Kersey and her cats, Ginger, Jasmine, Mo, Twinkie, Zoe, Misty and Calvin -- and check out her KittyCam!

Kevin Gibson

Dave (visit his excellent site!)

Robot Monster Toys, along with Salvador the cockatiel and Rusty the Wonder Dog

Susan Kimes and her cats, Yeller, Doobie, Li'l Shit, Binky & Funky

Patricia Beck and her cat:


Katherine Flinn

Dennis Martin

Tom Lamb and his dog:


The Little Store

Alexander Rasin

Alison Cheskis (thank you SO MUCH)


Kat Kelly-Kobes and her baby Siamese, Raziel

Dudo Erny of

Andrei Beliaev

Elise Reed

Marci Maleski

Rebecca Polifroni

Mary the Hamster (he's a boy!):

Nataliya Agyeyeva

Rebecca Curtis

Carrie Boulware

Michelle Venanzi

Elizabeth Lombardi, in memory of Bud the Cat

Fredrika Baer

Patricia Kent, in memory of the Paws the Cat

Lydia Hamilton and her cat:

Maureen Riege, and her pets:


Jungle Tigger


Rachel Wenner

Liz Collins

Jeanne Muskewitz -- check out her Web site!

Jeanne's mom and Squeaky the cat

Angela Sanchez, her husband, and their eight cats

Shi Liaw

Suzanne McGinn

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