Stupid Humans

Some people don't seem to get my Web site. Here are some letters I've received from humans who are one taco short of a combination platter, if you get my drift. I've deleted their names -- they've been humiliated enough by my Human, trust me. Notice the fact that the dumber the e-mail message, the less of a grasp of basic spelling and grammar the writer possesses. Cracks me up.


How can u beg like this.....  if u can't afford the cat, sell it u idiot....   there are too many 'sponges' like u in the world....grow up! Signed Dawna

Response: U R dum, u stoopid gurl. There, am I communicating in a way that you can understand?



How can you say that flea medication and food are what you need money for?  Why do you even own a cat if you can't afford it?  Keep the damn thing in the house, and you would have to [sic] buy collars.  You're a joke, and so is this website.  I'm not a particularly mean person, but you my girl are just incapable of taking care of one of the simplest responsibilities of owning a cat, which is food.  Why should other people have to pay for your cat's food?  And further more, why do you sit on the couch 90% of the time?  If I met you, I would laugh at you.  You're what hard working people call irresponsible pond scum, and this is the absolute most pathetic thing I've ever seen in my life besides pregnant 15 year olds smoking cigarettes.  I feel way more for you're cat than for you.  How sad......      Fallon

Response: "If I met you, I would laugh at you." ... Fallon, trust me, I'd return the favor.



Hey, Your a nut and a sore on the human race. You pay for the damm cat. Get some respect and take your site off the net! Dirtbag. From Joe

Response: Joe, even with my lack of a formal education, I can spell better than you can, and distinguish between "your" and "you're."



Get a job.Their are homeless vets out there eating garbage please.

Response: Again with the spelling -- honey, it's "there," not "their."



this is ridiculous.

Response: Uh -- your point being?



my question is this...why do you allow the cat outdoors when it gets into scraps and must be doctored? i have been rescueing cats for a few years and out of all the adoptions and the 11 cats that share our home with us, none are outdoors, although they were all rescued from outdoors...why would you keep letting your cat out, and then plead for money to mend makes no sense...your actions are willful and irresponsible...why should the public contribute to your animal neglect?  shame on you...i'll pray for your cat...he'll need it...

Response: If you look closely at all of the pictures of me on this site, you'll notice that I spend about 90 percent of my time on upholstered furniture, where the only threat to my safety is a carelessly tossed TV remote. ("Mend me"?? What am I, a sock??)

As for praying for me, don't bother, as I don't go in for that sort of thing. As John Lennon said, "I just believe in me."



Well I think that you must do pretty well for yourself if you can go on trips to France and whatever else.... and by the looks of your pictures you have a nice house... so why do you need people to send you money??? and we struggle struggle struggle to pay the bills and take care of our son. And most of the time we stress about how we are ever going to get out of debt. Then I look at your website and see you are trying to raise money to pay vet bills... animal lover myself. Sorry if I sound rude but if you have any ideas on how to start my own web site so people can send me money to help my situation. Thank you.

Response: Bitter, party of one...



I wouldn't give you any money. If you want a cat, you should take responsibility for it, not anyone else. I fully support SaveKaryn and SaveElaine, but not you. NO WAY.

Response: Oh, bite me.


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