My Photo Gallery

See, I really am a nice kitty. Also, you can meet some of my friends here.

This is my formal portrait. I like how my eyes are glowing. Thanks to Checkerbox Photography.

Pet Taxi, my ass. I was carted off to the vet's last week like a common criminal. Could someone please call Amnesty International?

Me with my Hello Kitty photo album pillow from Jon. Vanity, thy name is Buster....

I try to help out my Human in her office whenever I can.

I find that practicing yoga helps keep me in a peaceful state of being. Here I'm doing the Cat Denting Sofa pose.

Check out the pillow on the left -- Christmas gift from Jane. Very Warhol-ish.

This is Glenn. He used to dislike cats. I changed his mind.

This is Patches, my Human's sister's new kitten. Cute, isn't she? Too bad she's the spawn of Satan. Try picking her up, and she'll slice open a vein.

This is Paws. She's *20* years old. I think she looks pretty damned good.

This is Sayde, my neighbor. I used to hate her. Now I sort of like her. You can see more pictures of her by clicking here.

This is Scout -- she's not really one of my friends, but the Human thinks she's cute. Here, Scout is preparing to compete in the Doggone Fun Run, benefitting Pets are Wonderful Support.

"Look -- it's Yasser Aracat!" said friend Andrew. Pretty funny, although I'm not sure I like being compared to Mr. Arafat. (Listen, I watch CNN -- I know what's going on.)

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